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Community Gardens

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The harvest is plenty! Gardens are springing up all over town, providing fresh produce for our clients.

Board member, Thomas Rousey, oversees GAP garden plots at the Meadowmere Park, while community volunteer, Roger Shelton, frequently  donates bounty from his own beds. In addition, GAP is the grateful recipient of fresh produce from the gardens at Southview Christian Church and The Chive- Simply Good.




























































































 Our harvest is plenty! Community gardens have sprung up all over town, providing fresh produce in abundance for our clients. Board member Thomas Rousey provides oversight for the GAP plots at Meadowmere Park, while community volunteer, Roger Shelton,  frequently shares fresh bounty from his own beds. In addition, GAP is the grateful recipient of produce from the gardens of  Southview Christian Church and The Chive-Simply Good.